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At TranQuil Tech we design bespoke systems that are tailored to suit your needs. We do not just collect specifications and throw you a finished product, but we integrate you into our development team from feasibility, analysis, design, implementation and testing stages to ensure you get the maximum out of your buck.  These systems could range from e-commerce, business, private, non profit, educational websites and Web applications with maintenance plans that comes with a standard security technology.

We also optimize webpages with SEO, increase your ranking on search engine, generate a report for your website visit, set up google ads and put your listing in your locality in the right business category.


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Our Services

General IT Support

Helping businesses improve operations on-premise and remote through managed IT services and support. Offering Full IT Support for small and medium sized business, security systems installation and services, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Our IT Support is on par with a round the clock availability to ensure your business is smooth and runing.
We provide remote and onsite tech support services. We also provide hardware and software products that you may need either for replacement or extension of your services. We do installations and troubleshooting of various kinds and offer a one time free consultation to help you take the right decisions. We will also train a personne to be able to take control of minor issues if need arises before evolving to a redzone.
We got you in all aspect, and we are very excited to offer the best customer satisfaction available.
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Software Development

Application Development

We can extend functionality to your existing system to enhance performance or tailor a new solution to nip every challenge in the bud to meet your customer needs after thorough feasibility studies.

These products are well tested from analysis stage to implementation with full involvement of all stakeholders. The products could range from:

  • Business process management system
  • Document management system
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Content management system
  • E-commerce software solutions
  • Learning management system
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence / Data Analytics

Our Business intelligence solutions transforms data into actionable insights with information to help organizations make strategic and tactical decisions at all levels. We use modern BI Tools to analyze data sets and present outcomes with rich report and interactive dashboards containing all the visuals for detailed intelligence about the current state of the business in the form of a story.

These dashboards can be hosted in the cloud or sent as an app from available data sets into charts and graphs that brings to reality an up to date information of the company.

We support both Relational and non-relational database. We design, set-up, migrate and optimize your database with an up to date security.

These database systems are designed to fit your business needs with the ability to scale up to a data warehouse.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

With our cloud services, you can boost performance, monitor on-premise processes, maintain compliance, increase your business end to end visibility across various platforms. This technology offers you a platform as a service, Software as a service and Infrastructure as a service that scale up your business size and portfolio. We also deploy on major cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Management

Social Media Integration & Management

We will help you set up a system that will integrate all your social media in one spot using a social media enterprise system. This helps with publishing all your contents to all social media channels with just a click. You can get all your analytic reports and leads on a dashboard with ability to schedule post in a certain date and time.

When you choose to work with us, we will make everything possible to bring your business to the top with available tech tools that keep you updated with the latest trends.

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